Rasmussen College Worker compensation and OSHA Discussion | Cheap Nursing Papers

Rasmussen College Worker compensation and OSHA Discussion

Jennifer is a nurse at Dr. Smith’s Primary Care Center. While giving a patient a shot she accidentally stuck herself with a needle. The patient is positive for HIV and upon discussion with a coworker she learns that the sharp she was using is not approved by OSHA.

Answer the following questions about the next steps Jennifer should take.

  1. What first steps should she take for this incident?
  2. How would she file an OSHA violation report?
  3. Would she qualify for Workers Compensation? Why or why not?

Once you have answered the questions, write one page to discuss the history of Workers Compensation and OSHA. Be sure to discuss their purpose and the special training needed in the field of Occupation Medicine to help those injured on the job.

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