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Rasmussen College Patient Satisfaction Surveys Discussion

our employee handbook is almost complete. With the understanding of the importance of customer service and satisfaction, you have decided to include a copy of a customer satisfaction survey in your handbook so that employees can see what they are being assessed upon by patients and how to improve patient care and satisfaction.

This week for your project you will have two parts; creating a customer service survey and a memo to employees:

Part A Requirements:

  • Create a customer satisfaction survey related to your healthcare organization using Survey Monkey
    • Please sign up for Survey Monkey (you can obtain a free, limited account) and create a survey. Visit http://www.surveymonkey.com to create your account. You will notice that you can create a variety of question types. Be creative and explore all of the options.
    • Develop a survey of at least 10 different questions pertaining to patient satisfaction and experience at your organization that can be used to make organizational improvements.

Part B Requirements:

  • Create a memo for employees explaining why the customer survey was created and how it was created.
  • Determine the appropriate manner of communication and content and use effective skills and organization when drafting your memo.
  • Use proper memo formatting.
  • Remember to apply a tone that’s suitable for your employee audience.
  • Include the Survey Monkey customer survey link you created at the end of your memo so employees can review it (and it can be graded by your instructor).

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