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Rasmussen College Crisis Intervention Technique Questions

Part 1

Answer each question in a paragraph of 4-6 sentences. Include one APA citation per question to support your answers.

  1. A client in the emergency room has tipped over a table and is hiding behind it. He’s yelling “This is false imprisonment!” Describe three things the nurse might say to de-escalate the situation.
  1. Choose one answer above and discuss why it is a good crisis intervention technique.
  1. Identify three non-verbal techniques that might be helpful in this situation, and three non-verbal techniques that may escalate the situation.

Part 2

Transcribe a 15-minute conversation between a health care provider and a client using the sample format below:

  • Label your responses with the specific type of communication used.
  • Identify these responses as being therapeutic or non-therapeutic.
  • It is expected that this paper will be 3-4 pages in length (not including the title page), double-spaced. Your paper should include an introduction that describes the setting and your client, and a conclusion of what you learned from the experience. The bulk of this paper will not require citations. At least one APA citation should be included to identify source material that supports your conclusion.

To help you with the format of your transcription, download the sample format below:

Sample Communication Paper Format

Guidelines for the Assignment

  • You may use a conversation that you had with a client or one that you observed. Choose a conversation that occurred naturally in the course of your work day or during a clinical experience. Maintain confidentially by using only initials.
  • Do not mechanically record your conversation or write it down word-for-word as it occurs; this can be distracting and change the nature of the communication. Recall the conversation after the fact, as best as you can.
  • You may be creative in your source material. You may use a conversation you had quite some time ago. You may have to re-invent part of the conversation if you can’t recall some portions.
  • You may also combine two or more conversations or two or more clients if you don’t have a good example of one long conversation with one person.
  • DON’T edit your responses to sound more therapeutic. DO suggest areas for improvement in your conclusion.

Part 3

Submit a paper describing an alternative or complementary therapy that can be used in mental health treatment. Include at least two APA citations from sources that provide information for this paper:

  • Identify the therapy and who may use it. Does it require special licensing or certification?
  • What makes you interested in this CAM treatment?
  • Does this treatment require a physician order, or is it an independent nursing intervention?
  • Describe how this CAM treatment is carried out. What steps does the practitioner follow and how is the client prepared? What equipment is needed, if any?
  • What information needs to be provided to the client prior to the therapy session? How are confidentiality and privacy maintained?
  • What research has been done regarding this therapy? Is there evidence for its success?
  • You may choose your material from the textbook or from other sources.
  • It is expected that this essay will be 2-3 pages in length (not including the title page), double-spaced. Your paper should include an introduction and conclusion and proper APA citations from any source material you use, including your text.

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