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Principles of Disease

Principles of Disease

Student Assignment 1

Spring 2017

This assignment must be turned in on Blackboard and no hard copies will be accepted. Each student will choose a specific disease. In order for the assignment to be complete, the student will need to answer all of the activity questions listed below. Information for the assignment can be obtained for the following suggested websites:

WEBMD, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Department of Health and Human Services, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), PubMed, the World Health Organization (WHO), and any other website publishing peer-reviewed literature. Your paper needs to have cited references if you include information obtained from any literature source. Some diseases you can use include:

Hypertension                                  Influence (FLU)                               HIV/AIDS

Diabetes                                           Malaria                                              Ebola

Some information on each of the listed diseases can be found in the textbook. However, it should not be the only source of information.

Activity Questions

1.    Describe how this diseased is diagnosed?

2.    What is the typical prognosis for the disease?

3.    What are the know signs and symptoms of the disease?

4.    What is the etiology of the disease?

5.    Categorize this disease. Is it chronic, acute, communicable, infectious, heredity, congenital, metabolic, inflammatory, virulent, degenerative, neoplastic or environmental (all that apply)?

6.    Apply, as applicable, the terms “pathogen”, “pathogenesis”, and “pathophysiology” for this disease.

7.    Apply, as applicable, the terms “recovery”, “remission”, “endemic”, “epidemic”, and “pandemic”, to the disease.

8.    Summarize risk factors and disease prevention strategies for this disease.

9.    Provide disease “incidence”, “prevalence”, “mortality rate”, and “survival rate” for the disease.

Post Student responses to Blackboard under Assignment 1. Remember, Safe Assign will be on and does flag any violations of academic integrity. You may be asked to present your work during the class period. Thank you.

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