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primary school psychology

Critical curriculum plan of primary school psychology course

Critical curriculum plan of primary school psychology course (Grade4-6)


Development focus: Pay close attention to the development trend of personality, guide students to improve themselves, be kind to others, and develop positive self-concept.


Respond to the following questions / prompts in preparing your plan.

Address the questions / prompts below in preparing and presenting your critical curriculum or research plan.


Planning Template


Critical Curriculum Plan
Describe your context including information on the age, overall abilities of your students, the type of educational institution, the community and country.
What big idea related to intersectionality and social justice is your curriculum plan connecting to? (Please check with attachment for detail –Resource 1)
What is your guiding question?
Which elements of social justice curriculum design are embedded in your plan?Element One: Self Love and Knowledge

Element Two: Respect for Others

Element Three: Issues of Social Injustice

Element Four: Social Movements and Social Change

Element Five: Awareness Raising

Element Six: Social Action

(Please check with attachment for detail –Resource 2)

What learning opportunities are included in your plan? Describe the resources to be used and any technology needed.
How will learning be assessed?
If appropriate, consider how aspects of the 4 resources model of critical literacy are embedded in your plan.
Which parts of the mandated curriculum are embedded in your plan?
How have you moved beyond the mandated curriculum? Have you introduced an interdisciplinary aspect in your plan?

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