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PreHypertension Case Study

Chris is a 34-year-old team leader in a big box retail store. He works long hours and is under a lot of pressure to get sales numbers up. The only breaks he takes are to step outside and smoke a cigarette. He primarily eats in the café located in the store, sometimes snacking on popcorn and pop all day long. Because of the size of the store, he walks a lot. The local clinic came to the store to give flu shots to employees on site. Before giving each shot, they took blood pressure measurements. Chris’s blood pressure was 131 over 89. He was referred to a doctor at the clinic where his blood pressure measured 129 over 89. The doctor asked you, a CHW, to help him comply with his treatment plan to change his diet, including reducing sodium, and to stop smoking. Please answer the following questions in a 1-2 page paper and include the Prehypertension Planning Form. 1. What diagnosis might the doctor give Chris based on his blood pressure numbers? 2. What risk factors for prehypertension and hypertension does Chris have? 3. What made the flu shot provider refer him to the clinic? 4. How will you, as the CHW, help him comply with his treatment? 5. Create a plan with three measurable goals for Chris’s treatment compliance using the Prehypertension Planning Form.

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