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Policy on patient rights documentation

Policy on patient rights documentation

The documentation in the health record of information relating to patient rights and the patient’s understanding of those rights is required for both healthcare decision making and use of the record in legal situations, how that is information is captured or documented must be guided by organization-wide policy. For this portion of the policy manual you are to compare and contrast the patient’s right’s policy from Creighton University and UTMB, Benchmarking Resources. After your analysis of both policies, you are to select the information that you recommend for your policy and write your policy on the documentation of information relating to patient rights.

The completed typed policy should be 2 pages. If you use a source for the policy, state the source at the end of the policy under a heading titled references.

This week we are focusing on documentation. One of the most important aspects in healthcare is documentation. Think about it! We use documentation in the record to coordinate care with others, share data out to required registries and indexes (such as the cancer registry), perform research, protection in litigation and more.

Patients have certain rights when it comes to their healthcare. These rights need to be explained or read by the patients. A signed declaration that the patient has read and understood their rights should be obtained and documented by the healthcare facility. The healthcare facility should have policies that govern how this information is captured. For your assignment this week, you will develop a policy on patient rights documentation. You will utilize the following policies (utmb handbook, Creighton health science attached below)to help you create your policy:

Remember, there is a policy template use that to complete the assignment


Policy is written on the documentation of information relating to patient rights.

Applies correct spelling, grammar and a consistent policy format.

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