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Physic s lab report

Gravitational acceleration by using the Simple Pendulum:

You will turn in Data table 3, P44, and Post-lab questions # 4 and 5. Try to be brief and on target. You should support your answers with formulas whenever possible.
Also, you will need to plot a graph either on graph paper, or on Excel for length versus period squared. Multiply the slope from the graph by 4 π2 to find g.

Equation g= 4 π2 ( L/T2)

Compare average g from the table and g from the graph to the accepted value for g and find the % error.

You need to show the calculations for the following steps:

T(period) by dividing the total time in seconds on the number of swings

g, by using pi, length of string in meters and the period squared in seconds squared as shown in the above equation.

Find the percent errors as explained above

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