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Pediatric Drug Chart

Pediatric Drug Chart See attach file


This Assignment will demonstrate your ability to discuss common medications prescribed in pediatric primary care. The areas of focus for these most frequently prescribed medications include absorption, metabolism, excretion, dosage, and age-related differences. You will create a quick glance reference chart for future encounters with pediatric individuals and their families.

The table has been pre-built and includes 20+ commonly used medications in pediatrics. For this Assignment, citation is not required in the table, but references are required less than 5 years. Examples of references in APA format are provided.

view the Grading Rubric for this Assignment

Content Quality: successfully completes 100% of the pediatric drug chart template. Chart data is accurate with current guidelines

Resources: Supports opinions and ideas with relevant and credible sources of information; meets or exceeds the required number and types of resources.

Grammar & Punctuation:

There are one or two confusing sentences, but the overall sentence and paragraph meanings are clear. There are a few minor punctuation errors such as comma splices or run-on sentences.


A few misspelled words normally caught by spellcheckers are present but do not significantly interfere with the overall readability of the paper.

Order of Ideas & Length Requirement:

The overall order of the information is clear and contributes to the meaning of assignment. There is one paragraph or a sentence or two that are out of place or other minor organizational issues. A few sentences may be long and hard to understand. Meets length requirements.


There is a strong attempt to cite all sources using APA style. Minor paper formatting errors such as a misplaced running head or margins may occur. Minor in-text citation errors such as a missing page number or a misplaced date may occur. Quotation marks and citations make authorship clear.

5 references less than 5 year old

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