outline on a physical activity- very easy!! | Cheap Nursing Papers

outline on a physical activity- very easy!!

You can choose any physical activity (like deadlifts, burpees, squats but please do let me know first). Guidelines are given below and then later a example outline will also be provided for more detail.


Online Demonstration Speech Outline Checklist:

Outline Check List

To insure student success, I have provided a checklist that you should use before you upload your demonstration speech outline. Please make sure your outline is on topic for your speech, namely a fitness activity. As you are preparing to upload your work, please use this as a checklist in tandem with the example that has been provided (later). NOTE: Missing any of these items can mean automatic disqualification for your speech being evaluated resulting in a grade of zero (0). (So do keep this in mind)

Demonstration Speech Outline

Thesis Statement

Thesis statement shares what the purpose of the speech is about.

Thesis statement provides three main points.


The introduction contains an attention getter.

Introduction shares the benefits of said fitness activity.

The introduction engages the audience.

The introduction offers some type of statistic on fitness that is sourced


Each main point begins with a Roman numeral.

Each main point is properly punctuated with two spaces fallowing the Roman numeral

Capitalization adheres to the following, every first letter of each word with the exception of conjunctions and or prepositions are capitalized.

Sub points are introduced with a capital letter A, B, C, etc.

Indentations of sub points are hanging indentations.

Any evidence used to support a sub point is done so with Arabic numerals


Conclusion section is off by a heading “Conclusion.”

Conclusion summarizes the main points of the speech.

Overall Outline Specs

Outline adheres to model in book and techniques learned in online tutorial

All headings are in bold capital letters

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