Outline a specific challenge in a fishery of your choice. | Cheap Nursing Papers

Outline a specific challenge in a fishery of your choice.

Outline a specific challenge in a fishery of your choice. You should use your reading assignments for this week as a basis for your post. Your reading assignments include 1 Chapter (Exploited Species), and 3 PDF articles that outline challenges faced by fisheries.

Ironically it was predicted in the early 1960’s that the oceans could easily feed 3 times the worlds population (about 4 billion then). It hasn’t exactly worked out that way.

  Remember that fish are the only wildlife that are still hunted on a mass commercial basis (go back through history to what happened to the land and bird species that were market hunted during the last century). Also, only a few marine species farm very well for aquaculture. Crabs and lobsters for example do not,they’re cannibalistic both aside from dismembering each other they don’t feed enough in captivity to grow to marketable size, it’s been tried.

1. Outline a specific challenge in a fishery. You have quite a few to choose from, through this week’s reading assignments. For example, your book brings up Shark Fin Soup and the Live Fish Trade, and ‘The Future of Fish’ PDF article brings up the topic of increasing aquaculture production. You are not limited to these examples. Your outline must be 400-500 words.

2. Find at least one supporting document, outside of the assigned readings. Your supporting document could be an appropriate website (from a government organization or NGO, for example), a primary journal article (found through Google Scholar, for example), or a technical report. 

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