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Organic vs. Inorganic Agriculture

NOTE: This is not a general topic paper.

The main goal of the Critical Review assignments is for you to examine an argument, evaluate all the evidence, and reach conclusion that you can defend. You are expected to describe the author’s position and supporting evidence, evaluate how well the authors’ evidence supports their position, present the findings of your research that either refutes or supports the author, and then discuss whether you agree or disagree with the author.

This first critical review will be written in parts and later revised and combined into a final paper.

EXPECTATIONS OF PART A- Literature Search and Title Selection

In Part A, you will conduct a literature search on one of the above listed major topics- for which you have been confirmed- by following the techniques presented in class by Carol Doyle- Head, Maps & Government Information at our campus Madden Library, and the web guide link posted on Blackboard in the folder.

From your search you will identify the following items related to the major topic assigned to you:

  1. A newspaper article published within the last six months; and,
  2. Three primary journal articles- these are NOT limited to the last six months

For the primary journal articles, you will provide reference citations using the method outlined in the “Method of referencing guidelines” posted on Blackboard, and you will save electronic copies of the primary journal articles for parts B, and C- when you are critically discussing your topic.




On line: Post an electronic copy (Only) of the completed page onto Canvas

Part A of Critical Review 1 Plant 105 – Food, Society, Environment

Student name:___________________________________

  1. Describe how you conducted your literature search. (e.g. indicate what databases and keywords you used).
  1. Authors position describe/Your position
  1. Attach an electronic copy of the newspaper article as “Appendix 1”.
  1. Provide a title for YOUR critical review paper and BRIEFLY describe what statements and/or keywords in the newspaper article prompted you to formulate this title.
  1. Provide reference citations, using the author-year method, for three journal articles which are related to the topic of your paper. (Note: You DO NOT have to attach copies of these articles).
  1. Submit an electronic copy of this completed page (as a word document) into Digital Dropbox. (Note: It is not necessary to submit an electronic version of the newspaper article).

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