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1.Pick one of the images in the lecture 8 power point part 1 or 2 that impacted you the most. Explain why it had the impact that it did, was it the way the image was set up or just the content?

2.List the man-made factors as well as the natural factors that created the Dust Bowl.

3. What programs were created as part of the New Deal to alleviate the conditions of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl?

4 Compare and contrast the work of Dorothea Lange and Alexander Hogue, their subject matter, medium as well as their differing philosophy about who was to blame for the dust bowl.

5.Have we learned our lessons from this experience? Give a few examples, mentioned in the lecture, of areas that are headed for another dust bowl situation.

Further reading- Read the article in the link below for your own interest OR read it and write a short summary and submit it at the end of this week’s Unit quiz submission for a few extra credit points (max. points possible =3).

Patagonia Film Calls for a Food Revolution, Violet Batcha, Environmental Working Group, 9/5/16 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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