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nursing education


Select an technology available for use in nursing education. Compare and contrast two versions of the technology, perhaps versions available from different venders. For example, you may choose to compare and contrast two versions of one of the following technologies:
-Electronic medical records programs
-Data bases
-Asynchronous versus synchronous courses
-DVDs about tracheal suctioning
-Clinical nursing lab simulators

Factors to discuss in the paper include:
*The purpose of the technology
*A detailed description of the two versions of the technology you are comparing and contrasting
*The advantages and disadvantages of the 2 versions of the technology you are comparing and contrasting. Include any special features of the versions.
*The logistics of using the different versions of the technology.
-Ease of training to use
-Needed resources (such as space, literacy , or equipment
-Management of data security.
*Supporting evidence from research articles

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