NURS514 Phoenix Pros & Cons of Affordable ?Care Act ?Debate PPT | Cheap Nursing Papers

NURS514 Phoenix Pros & Cons of Affordable ?Care Act ?Debate PPT

NSG/514: Health Law, Policy, Ethics, And Global Trends

Wk 4 Team – Affordable Care Act Debate [due Mon]

Wk 4 Team – Affordable Care Act Debate [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. Assignment Content

    Learning Team – Affordable Care Act Debate

    Debate the following:

    • The Affordable Care Act is achieving its intended outcomes.
    • The Affordable Care Act aligns with the IHI Triple Aim.

    Create an 12- to 15-slide presentation that demonstrates the team’s evaluation of the pros and cons, as well as whether the team reached a consensus. Speaker Notes are
    required. The presentation content must reflect pros and cons of each of the following components:

    • Connections to access and health insurance coverage
    • Insurance recipients
    • Expanded options of coverage
    • Payment systems reform
    • Equity for nursing services
    • Coordination of care and prevention
    • Workforce capacity
    • Public health provisions
    • Cost
    • Financial
    • Political
    • Implementation
    • Supporting data and evidence
    • Ethical, legal, and regulatory opportunities

    Summarize the Affordable Care Act and include a minimum of two slides that focus on the team’s consensus or inability to reach a consensus.

    An Introduction and Conclusion are required.

    Format – Each slide is required to be 3-5 bullet points. Slides should not be in complete sentences. Each bullet point is required to be thoroughly discussed in the Speaker Notes. Please review the Sample PowerPoint in Announcements.

    Cite at least three scholarly sources.
    Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your team’s presentation.

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