NUR6243 George Washington University Opioid Epidemic Presentation | Cheap Nursing Papers

NUR6243 George Washington University Opioid Epidemic Presentation

Overview: You will select a topic of interest related to the opioid epidemic and develop a brief presentation (between 5-10 minutes) for your peers.


  1. Select a topic you are interested in related to the opioid epidemic. Is there a question you want answers to? For example, why has the opioid epidemic received national attention, while other addictions have not? Does shaming (e.g., posting pictures online of the person passed out from opioids) facilitate or hinder potential for change?
  2. Select a presentation style that maximizes your strengths (e.g., infographic, pictogram, powerpoint, etc..)
  3. Record your presentation and upload to Blackboard for your peers to view and evaluate. What you present and how you present it is up to you. However, there a few things that must be included:
    1. At least one evidence-based strategy to promote recovery from opioid addiction (include supportive evidence)
    2. At least one strategy to eliminate barriers to treatment (include supportive evidence)
    3. Description of how the issue impacts mental health care on a local, state, national, or global scale.
    4. Recommendations for further work in the area of opioid addiction treatment.
    5. Current references View at least 2 of your peer’s presentation and provide substantive feedback.
  4. Be sure and review grading rubric prior to submission.

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