NUR2115 Rasmussen Bacterial Meningitis Infection Concept Map | Cheap Nursing Papers

NUR2115 Rasmussen Bacterial Meningitis Infection Concept Map

Complete a Concept Map using one of the following templates.

Concept Map Template 1
Concept Map Template 2


Select an infectious disease process. Remember to use your resources, include a cover page, and do a reference page.

For this week’s assignment, create a scenario of a patient with your assigned infectious disease or inflammatory process. Submit a brief description of your scenario along with one paragraph on the pathophysiology and one paragraph on the nursing assessment of a patient with this disease. Complete the concept map using your patient scenario.

Concept Map: Infection suggested topics-

Cholecysitis, – pyelonephritis, – bacterial meningitis, – cellulitis, – bacterial endocarditis, – pericarditis, – Lyme disease, – e.coli bacteremia, – epididymitis, – encephalitis, – fungal empyema thoracis – influenza A – influenza b- hospital-acquired c. difficile infection, -gastroenteritis, – epiglottitis, – HIV,- gas gangrene from a clostridium species – tetanus disease- Zika virus- measles- maternal syphilis- hepatitis B- hepatitis C- costochondritis – vasculitits- listeria monocytogenes from uncooked lunchmeat- tuberculosis- powassan virus (from a tick)

Concept Map

Criteria Points
Describe an Infectious Disease Process 1
Summarize a complete assessment of a patient with this disorder 4
Complete collaboration of care, management of client care and potential complications sections 2
Paper must be 250 words using correct grammar, sentence structure and punctuation. 2
Appropriate use of APA format; correct citing of sources in essay body and references. 1
Total 10

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