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NSG110 Stratford Week 6 Organ Donation and Transplant Ethical Issues PPT

Ethical Dilemma Assignment

For the purposes of this assignment, students choose a topic from the topics ideas below that they feel presents an ethical dilemma in nursing practice. Certain topics may be of a sensitive nature and somewhat subjective; therefore, if you have any questions or are struggling to identify a topic, reach out to your instructor for guidance.

You will create/submit a PowerPoint Presentation to address each element of the assignment. Please refer to assignment guidelines below for the required elements of this assignment.

Topic Ideas

Organ donation and transplant issues

Stem cell transplants and cord blood banking

Sperm and/or Egg preservation

Parental refusal of medical treatments due to religious or cultural beliefs (e.g. blood transfusions,

End-of-Life Care/Decision-Making

Neglect and Abuse

Health Insurance Issues (e.g. lack of coverage, coverage denials, access to care)

Teen seeking birth control, pregnancy care, or abortion (without parental guidance)

Parents with HIV/AIDS having children

Behavioral health patients boarding on in acute care settings

  • Transgender patient-care


Dilemma description (15 points)- Identify the chosen ethical dilemma and identify the key elements (who, what, when, how, why)

Identify the resources at the clinical agency or in the community to assist dealing with the chosen ethical dilemmas (20 points)- Identify resources available for your chosen dilemma. Identify resources available through medical services and in the community.

Writing Style, APA format, Grammar/Spelling/Mechanics (10 points)- All references used should be scholarly/reputable and must be cited using current edition APA format. If you need assistance with APA formatting, refer to https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/general_format.html

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