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NR361 Chamberlain College of Nursing Obesity Scenario Project

Required Assigned Topic

Required assigned topic for the focus of your paper.

  • Obesity Patient Scenario

Requirements and Guidelines

  1. Download the required Milestone 2 Template. (Links to an external site.) Save it to your computer with the file name: Your Last Name NR361 Milestone 2.docx.
  2. Carefully review the grading rubric criteria for Milestone 2 and type directly on your saved Milestone 2 Template.
  3. Complete all rubric areas for a superior Milestone 2.
  4. Use instructor feedback from Milestone 1 to improve your statements regarding the patient scenario in Milestone 2.
  5. Submit your completed Milestone 2 by Sunday end of Week 4.

This is my instructor feedback from Milestone 1:

You have included some great information but it is just not enough to meet the requirements of the assignment. Please review the comments throughout the assignment and make revisions and then resubmit the assignment. Just so you know, each of the course assignments will build on each other until you develop a presentation, either a PowerPoint Presentation or a Poster Board presentation. With this being said you are going to have to use Bullet Points. Bullet points should be short & sweet, just the facts. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your hard work on this assignment! Charlotte P.S. Milestone 1 Assignment is “Accepted with Revisions”. ~Please add the citations in the text of the assignment. ~Be aware, No additional points will be awarded for these revisions but these revisions are required for your success on the remaining assignments in this course

This is MIlestone 1:

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