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Need help in modifying/ editing report.

I have already written my report but there are few modifications need to be done. I am uploading the report, and the template of the report. Please follow the guidelines of that report template.

Editing which is to be done are 1. In Abstract please add few more words, It should be atleast in one page, try to cover points like a. Aim, b. Design & Methodology C. Finding and D. Implementation.

2. In Project Work to every figure please put figure number, title and source of the figure.

3. Please write Justification of my work.

4.Please write few words on Implementation of model and Discussion of implemented model.

5. Future resources

6. In conclusion please add few more lines.

7. we have to provide minimum 25 to 30 references, so try to add five more references.

I am providing my project documents for reference. Please make sure it should not get similarity from google.

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