need 1&2 in different copies please follow instructions and need good work | Cheap Nursing Papers

need 1&2 in different copies please follow instructions and need good work


Week 5 Discussion

As noted by Kirk (2016), angle, framing, and focus are useful perspectives that help to shape your editorial thinking.

Select 1 of these perspectives, describe it, and mention why you selected it.

Reference: Kirk, A. (2016). Data visualisation: A handbook for data driven design. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Ltd.please use the same reference. intro.contecnt conclusion must

2)Discuss the practical steps for developing a technology roadmap.

Forum rules:

  • Post your answer to the forum questions by 11:59pm EST on Thursday
    • Your answer must be substantive, which usually requires 300 words or more
    • Your answer must be well written and well organized
    • Your answer must include one properly formatted APA in-text citation to a scholarly reference. The full reference must be provided at the end of your answer with a link if one is available.
    • No attachments will be graded
    • Your replies should be meaningful, which means they should engage your classmate in discussion focused on the forum questions. Usually this requires 150 words or more.
  • Post two replies to your classmates by 11:59pm EST on Sunday

  • No forum posts made after 11:59pm EST on Sunday will be graded


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