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Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions.

1. What are considered as the “building blocks” for engineering materials?

  • A. Atoms
  • B. Elements
  • C. Matters
  • D. Compounds

2. What are the major classes of engineering materials?

  • A. Metals, ceramics and semiconductors
  • B. Polymers, metals and composites
  • C. Metals, ceramics, polymers and semiconductors
  • D. Metals, ceramics, polymers, semiconductors and composites

3. What types of materials behave like iron when placed in a magnetic field?

  • A. Crystals
  • B. Amorphous materials
  • C. Ferromagnetic materials
  • D. Metalloids

4. What do you call metals reinforced by ceramics or other materials, usually in fiber form?

  • A. Metalloids
  • B. Matrix alloys
  • C. Metal lattices
  • D. Metal Matrix composites

5. What is a combination of one or more metals with a nonmetallic element?

  • A. Metalloids
  • B. Matrix Composite
  • C. Inert
  • D. Ceramic

6. Polymer comes from Greek words “poly” which means “many” and “meros” which means __________.

  • A. metal
  • B. material
  • C. part
  • D. plastic

7. The engineering materials known as “plastics” are more correctly called ____________.

  • A. Polyvinyl chloride
  • B. Polymers
  • C. Polyethylene
  • D. Mers

8. What is a combination of two or more materials that has properties that the components materials do not have by themselves?

  • A. Compound
  • B. Composite
  • C. Mixture
  • D. Matrix

9. What is a reference sheet for the elements that can be used to form engineering materials?

  • A. Periodic Table
  • B. Truth Table
  • C. Building blocks of Materials
  • D. Structure of Materials

10. What physical property of a material that refers to the point at which a material liquefies on heating or solidifies on cooling?

  • A. Melting point
  • B. Curie point
  • C. Refractive index
  • D. Specific heat

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