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Mount Royal University Advance Nurse Practitioner Cases Discussion

Advanced Pharmacology Assignment for Week One

Content 1. Case Study: A 67 y/o Caucasian male arrives to the clinic complaining of nausea, headache, and diarrhea after a dinned he has at a restaurant the night before. The practitioner starts the assessment, but the patient is showing a hostile behavior and is not providing the necessary information for the practitioner to proceed with the assessment and conduct a useful physical exam. Please describe two different intervention the practitioner can do the make possible a successful care of this patient.

2. Case study: A 35 y/o Hispanic female arrives to the clinic complaining of hyperpolymenorrhea with lower abdominal pain, fatigue, and weakness. The nurse walks the patient to the practitioner, and she looked surprised when she saw a male practitioner. When asked if she was ok, the patient states she doesn’t feel comfortable been gynecologically examined by a man. Please describe two ways this issue can be resolved without affecting the care of the patient.

3. Case study: A Family Nurse Practitioner is called to evaluate a patient in the Behavioral Crisis Stabilization Unit who is complaining of headache. After assesses the patient the practitioner determines it is a HTN problem and prescribes the appropriate Tx. The nurse also asks if the practitioner can prescribe Haldol and Ativan for the same patient and complete the psych evaluation. What the FNP must do?

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