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MN 513 Unit 2 Economic Concepts Paper Assignment

Economic Concepts Paper


Provide a 3–5 page summary that discusses the following concepts (be sure to include definitions and examples of each):

  • The concepts of utility and elasticity
  • Shifters that may affect the supply and demand relationship
  • How economies of scale affect profit maximization
  • Discuss the relationship between supply and demand in today’s competitive healthcare markets as well as the factors that may influence this relationship. Include examples to demonstrate how the concepts above are used to evaluate financial viability in a healthcare organization.The finished Assignment should be a 3–5 page descriptive paper, excluding the title page and references. The viewpoint and purpose of this Assignment should be clearly established and sustained

I work as a hemodialysis charge nurse in a 32 chair unit, taking care of clients who needs to be dialyzed in order to survive

please include 3-5 references no older than 5 years old and subtitles to each paragraph

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