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Metabolic Syndrome

It’s quite vague, but here is some more information: – Nothing can be assumed – What tests would we/the doctor order on this man to prove each hypothesis. Concern: Very high blood pressure/Hypertension stage 1 Age: 40 Gender: Male BP: 160/110 equal Health concerns: anxiety Drinking: socially (does this mean a lot? unknown) Activity level: Sedentary-Low Family History: Heart disease Age, family history, lifestyle are all contributing to this man’s hypertension. MUST use these headings in the paper: Introduction/Background (background material on subject) Results/Theories (Where we discuss our different hypotheses and/or biochemical pathways proposed.) Discussion: Pick most plausible hypothesis and discuss how to test it. Hypotheses I came up with: 1- At risk for heart disease                          2- At risk for diabetes (No family history, but low activity level, possible bad eating habits.) 3- Risk for aneurysm (blood clots r/t heart problems) 4-Metabolic Syndrome (this is my favourite hypothesis. Metabolic syndrome could definitely be the cause of hypertension, and could be the cause of the family history of heart disease

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