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Mental Health in Pop Culture – Gone Girl film analysis

Mental Health in Pop Culture Assignment You will be required to watch a film/movie and identify counseling/mental health related issues presented in the film. Films/movies provides the potential to beseech innovative thinking styles, unique and individualized research opportunities, and thought-provoking insight into understanding diverse multicultural clinical cases. Ideally, this paper and research could be a starting point for your final group project. You will watch a film/movie of your own choosing. It is highly suggested that you choose a film that represents a mental health issue that interests you and one that you want to further research. The film/movie must be approved by the instructor before you begin the assignment and the research paper must be written in APA format. The paper should have a minimum of 3-5 scholarly sources. Remember, if you are stating CAHC 400: Exploration in the Counseling Profession 4 anything as a fact, you must provide a current and appropriate APA citation and source. Your instructor will provide examples of this in class. The papers should cover the following topics: ● Provide a short synopsis of the film’s plot. ● Discuss the rationale for choosing your particular film and illustrate the counseling and mental health related topics that are relevant in the film. ● Provided examples observed as well as the recent and relevant research of the depicted mental health issues related to the characters and plot. o Assess accuracy and realism regarding the portrayal of these mental health issues. Review any concerns related to multiculturalism, microaggressions, stereotyping, diversity issues, discrimination, stigma, and/or social justice issues. ● Take note if there is a mental health professional depicted in the film. If there is, describe said professional and the ways in which they are represented. Describe the treatment and outcomes. ● Finally, describe your personal reaction to what you viewed in the film and tie in elements and topics discussed in class and in the textbook. Include your thoughts and feelings about the depiction of mental health issues as well as your personal view regarding how the film presents and represents mental health issues and helping professionals.


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