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Marriage & Family Therapy: Focus on Young Adults

Marriage & Family Therapy: Focus on Young Adults


This 5-page (do not exceed 5 pages of text) paper will be about an area of psychology of your choosing.

 I chose Marriage & Family Therapy: Focus on Young Adults.

Write an essay on marriage therapy on young adults.

You must have at least four different (as in not all from the internet) references, outside of your textbook. These can be books, peer reviewed journals, personal interviews, legitimate internet sites, etc. Wikipedia is not acceptable. The paper must discuss your topic from a theoretical, empirical, and authoritative framework. As such, your opinion is NOT important and should not be considered appropriate for this assignment. Your paper is to be written at a college level using APA formatting. This means it should be typed, double spaced, and free from grammatical errors (spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.). Include title and reference pages. You will copy and paste your final paper into the text box provided during the week that it is due.

NO ATTACHMENTS. As previously stated, your paper MUST be a full 5 pages, double spaced (before you submit it via copy and paste). Your research should cover the following: 1) historical perspective 2) theoretical concepts 3) practical application 4) any other interesting tidbits YOU ARE REQUIRED TO WRITE THE PAPER YOURSELF USING THE INFORMATION YOU GATHERED FROM RELIABLE AND APPROPRIATE REFERENCE MATERIALS. AGAIN, CITE ALL SOURCES THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PAPER. CONTENT WILL BE CHECKED FOR PLAGIARISM, SO DO NOT JUST COPY AND PASTE FROM SOURCES (THAT WILL BE CONSIDERED PLAGIARISM), AND YOU WILL RECEIVE AN “F” (ZERO POINTS) ON THE ASSIGNMENT. Keep in mind that if it sounds copied, then it probably is.

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