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Marine organisms Lifestyles and habitats

Your essay answer should be clear and succinct, amounting to perhaps 3-5 sentences totaling 50 to 80 words; longer essays are strongly discouraged. It is recommended that you prepare your answer in a separate document from which you copy it into Canvas.

Question 1 5 pts

Marine organisms are adapted to the various physical requirements for life in the ocean associated with buoyancy, temperature variations, pressure regulation, salinity and light. Describe two separate examples of adaptations of evolved by different marine organisms in response to oceanic conditions.

A strong answer will describe specific characteristics of organisms that represent direct responses to an aspect of their physical environment in ocean waters, citing examples of the adaptation and how they represent different solutions to the physical conditions.

Question 2 3 pts

Match the individual species of fish based on the characteristics of their body shape and fins that best exemplify the three specific traits used to categorize their lifestyles.

Efficient cruising- Salmon, Butterfly fish, Tuna, Plke, flounder, bluegill

High Maneuverability- Salmon, Butterfly fish, Tuna, Plke, flounder, bluegill

Rapid acceleration- Salmon, Butterfly fish, Tuna, Plke, flounder, bluegill

Question 3 1 pts

Which of the following types of caudal fins has the highest aspect ratio and therefore enables fish species with this body type to swim faster?





All types of caudal fins have the same aspect ratio

Question 4 1 pts

What are the descriptive names commonly associated with the two principal approaches employed in the classification of living organisms?

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