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malware threat

Students are required to submit one screen shot from the each lab exercise. This will demonstrate that the student has actually performed the lab work and hasn’t just clicked Done until the lab completes. The screenshot should include output from the tool that is used in the exercise. The Student will need to do this for each lab exercise and then submit the screen shots in a Word document to the lab assignment folder for that week. For example, in week 1 students are required to complete modules 02, 03 and 04. If module 02 contains 5 exercises, module 03 contains 11 exercises and 04 contains 11 exercise the Word document should contain screenshot each exercise for total a of 27 screen shots, one for each exercise. This is an example for iLab Module 02 only. Students also will be required to submit screen shots Module 03 and Module 04 incorporate then into the document.

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