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Major Depressive Disorder

Instructions for the brochure on Major Depressive Disorder


Handout Rubric

Psychology 266

Assignment – Handout/Brochure


Your handout should contain information about the disorder including but not limited to:  description with characteristics/symptoms; influencing factors related to cause; most effective treatment.  See the rubric below. It can take the shape of a 1 page flyer type of handout or you can design a brochure (3 column try-fold) Be creative. This should not read like a research paper, make it interesting.  Adding any interesting unique facts, pictures, web sites or even youtube video links will help secure your 25 points.  NO POWER POINT SLIDES PLEASE.

Attach your file to this assignment.  Please use doc, docx, pdf or rtf file type.  Your handout will be emailed to all students in the course and we want everyone to be able to open and read it.  If you use a specific publishing software, save your work to one of the file types listed above.


Your handout or brochure will be evaluated in the following manner:

Content (15 points) 

Give a clear description of the disorder

State the characteristics/features of disorder

State the influencing factors contributing to the disorder

Give the specific treatment for the disorder

Information was accurate

Sources were cited


Visual display of the content (10 points):

Clear and concise information

Easy to read format

Use of extras like:    Pictures, video links, clip art, etc.

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