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legal current events analysis

Hello Everyone. Your assignment this week is a legal current events analysis. For this assignment, each of you is required to find an event reported in the news media within the past 6 months that deals with a topic that relates to our class. Some topics may include, privacy, security and confidentiality policies and procedures for internal and external use and exchange of health information.
Once you have identified such an event, you must write a concise report about the event, including: (1) what happened (e.g., the facts); (2) how it relates to our class (my class is healthcare law ethics and information release); and (3) in your opinion, what the significance or impact of the event is/was.
Please write a 3-4 page paper that contains these elements.
Your grades will be based on how well you follow these instructions and how much thought you put into it (primarily on your answers to #2 and #3 above). The assignment is due in a word document submitted to assignment dropbox by 5:00 p.m EST on 4/15. Please contact me with any questions.
You must cite sources, APA formatting, 12pt, times new roman, double space (don’t forget cover page and this does not count toward 2 pages, nor does citation page) This will be sent through Turn It In. More than 20% un-originality will be automatic zero; cite sources used, if they are not cited in APA correctly, it will be 5 points off automatically. If found to be plagiarized (over 30%) then you will get Zero for the whole assignment on first time and warning, second, it will be zero in the course and turned into the academic affairs committee, and third offense removed from the Health Information Management Program.
Number of Pages: 3 Pages
Page Line Spacing: Double spaced (Default)
Number of Slides : No slides needed
Academic Level: College
Paper Format: APA

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