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learning philosophy paper

Learning Philosophy Paper

Learning Philosophy Paper

You will develop a learning philosophy paper that incorporates the following course(educational psychology) concepts and/or external material You will cover a minimum of three concepts from this class (I listed 10 that you can choose) .

You may cover more from the list or using external theories, but three theories or concepts must come from the list.

1. Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory

2. Behavioral Views of Learning

3. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation Theory

4. Information Processing,

5. Operant Conditioning

6. Social Cognitive Theory

7. Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

8. Constructivist Learning Theory

9. self-determination theory

10. Cognitive Views of Learning You will explain how you think people learn using course theory and concepts.

Define those concepts, provide examples, and critically analyze them (e.g., using your ability to compare and contrast different ideas and evaluate the strength of different concepts). You should have three sections with headings: Description of Concepts or Theory with examples, Analysis (e.g., comparing and contrasting), and Evaluation (i.e., weighing the utility or importance of the concepts). IT IS: “How do I think people learn?” NOT: “How do I teach?” NOTE: This is NOT a teaching philosophy or a philosophy of education. It is an analysis of concepts related to LEARNING. Textbook (main reference) Educational Psychology (12th Edition): Anita Woolfolk

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