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Leadership in Nursing

Leadership in Nursing

1) Read the IOM Report on Leadership-Chapter # 5 in the National Academies Press PDF located within week 6 “Reading and Materials.”
A) Describe the scope of leadership presented in the IOM report.
B) Describe one way nurses can impact leadership in health care moving into the future.
2) Address questions A and B above, in APA format (in text citations and reference list-do not use a running head or title page).
3) Your post must show critical analysis of the topic.
4) Support your post with evidence from at least 2 recent, scholarly journal articles (preferably from nursing journals). References must be recent which is LESS THAN 5 YEARS OLD and they must be from the United States.
5) 300 words (max).
6) Your reference list does not count in the word count.
7) APA formatting applies and includes the following :
A) In text citations in APA format

B) Reference list in APA format.

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