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key drivers of healthcare costs

Assignment Requirements
This assignment is for a nursing class Student should write short answers to the following questions. Feel free to include other information you may have discovered that is relevant. Include citations to all information in APA format. This is introductory research that will be included in the upcoming research you will be conducting related to the health care system, specifically associated to your focus topic. Students will be expected to cite all data so be sure to document all sources. Links are often changed or closed. If a link is not functioning, please let me know but you may want to try putting the name of the site into the search bar to see if a different link is available. These are suggested sites but not an inclusive list. 1. What percentage of the Gross National Product is spent on healthcare in the U.S.? 2. Identify the key drivers of healthcare costs and which costs are most responsible for the high U.S. health care expenditures. 3. What are the ways that healthcare insurance is financed, in both the public and private sectors? 4. How do market forces influence health-care delivery? 5. For most Americans, how is their healthcare insurance financed, and what are the inherent strengths and weaknesses of this system? 6. How does the U.S. fair in terms of health-quality indicators (e.g. morbidity & mortality) compared with other nations? 7. What trends do you see in the structure and organization of the U.S. healthcare system? Useful Websites Congressional Budget Office Testimony on Health Care Spending:

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