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Is Our Education System Serving Scientific Thought

As you have been witnessing, historically science has been an elite road traveled by the rich, religious leaders, and the privately educated. Today, we are seeing a movement in STEM and STEAM to promote scientific endeavors in the public school system and in the community. In fact, you have just finished a community based science project. Your job is to compare and contrast the ways in which science was disseminated throughout the culture in the renaissance to today. Your ultimate question to answer is… Is our education system serving scientific thought and the creation of new scientists and scientific discovery?

Hint: You may wish to look at what STEM and STEAM programs are and what the NGSS standards are for public education.


  1. Four different sources using APA citation
  2. A minimum of 500 words
  3. A complete thesis statement
  4. Evidence and Analysis that prove your point of view
  5. Accurate quotations from your sources / I will be checking for plagerism
  6. Please edit your work for grammar and spelling

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