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Is Labeling GMO food products necessary?

Is Labeling GMO food products necessary?

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  • A former research scientist who once touted the benefits of GM crops now acknowledges the steady flow of research showing that there is significant reason for concern – and he has now reversed his position
  • Federal departments in charge of food safety in the US and Canada have not conducted tests to affirm the alleged safety of GM crops
  • The whole paradigm of the genetic engineering technology is based on a misunderstanding, as it operates on the 70-year-old “one gene, one protein” hypothesis, which has since been proven false
  • Scientific evidence shows that many of the industry claims that GM crops yield better and more nutritious food, save on the use of pesticides, have no environmental impact whatsoever and are perfectly safe to eat are simply not true
  • At present, the only way to avoid genetically modified foods is to ditch processed foods from your grocery list, and revert back to whole foods grown according to organic standards


Mercola, Joseph. “Genetically Modified Foods Are Not Safe to Eat.” Genetically Modified Food, edited by Tamara Thompson, Greenhaven Press, 2015. At Issue. Opposing Viewpoints In Context, Accessed 19 Apr. 2018. Originally published as “Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out on the Real Dangers of Genetically Modified Food,”, 28 May 2013.

Source 2

JoAnna Wendel, “2000+ Reasons Why GMOs Are Safe to Eat and Environmentally Sustainable,”, October 8, 2013. Copyright © 2013 by The Genetic Literacy Project. All rights reserved. Reproduced by permission.

JoAnna Wendel is web editor for the Genetic Literacy Project, a nonprofit that explores the intersection of DNA research, media, and policy to separate science from ideology.

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