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Introduction To Biology

CRJ 180: Juvenile Delinquency And Justice & SCI 115: Introduction To Biology
Week 7 Discussion:
“Youth Violence”
Using what you’ve learned this week, respond to the following prompts in your post:
Do you think that youth violence is limited to large cities? Complete some research that has been conducted in regards to youth violence in this country. Based on your research, discuss three (3) repercussions to youth you believe are attributed to them being exposed to violence. Provide support for your response.
According to Federal Law (Megan’s Law) if a 14-year-old boy touches a 14-year-old girl’s breast outside her clothing he can be charged with sexual abuse at the 1st degree and would have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Based on this law, discuss whether or not you believe this is a fair sanction. Justify your response.
Week 7 Discussion:
Note: Online students, please respond to one (1) of the following three (3) bulleted items.
Using the internet and Strayer databases choose three (3) recent advances in genetics, development, and geology and explain two (2) ways your chosen advances have enriched our understanding of evolution. Next suggest two (2) ways that new sources of evidence for evolution can help to corroborate observations that were made by early evolutionary thinkers.
Read the Science article entitled, “Humans have more primitive hands than chimpanzees” found here. Next provide a brief summary of the article and discuss whether or not you think humans have more primitive or advanced hands than chimpanzees. Justify your response.
Read the Economist article entitled, “Evidence of past tsunamis may indicate the likelihood of future ones” found here then provide a 100-250 word argument for or against the idea that past events will be a predictor of future tsunamis based on what you have learned about fossil evidence.
There are 2 different discussion questions, Please answer in detail with verifiable ref, no word minimum, no plag. Only prof. with great ratings apply

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