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information on the web about the Osher Center

There is ample information on the web about the Osher Center, however, and I invite you to search the various sites that pop up by simply using “osher vanderbilt” as a Google search term.

use this web

reviewing the information available to you via this search, you will immediately find that this is a set of services that represents what I believe most would call a major departure for a large metropolitan health system, especially in the deep South. I love the strategic marketing consideration of the Osher Center, because it represents much of what we will study going forward: breaking new ground with a product or service, how to best evaluate this “out of the box” departure from a marketing perspective, projecting obstacles and means to overcome them, etc.

Please use the following questions as guidelines (suggestions only…feel free to improvise and deviate depending on your findings) to strategically evaluate this component of Vanderbilt.

  1. What do you consider to be the likeliest strategic challenges facing the Osher Center?
  2. If you were appointed V.P. of marketing for the Osher Center, what do you think your first steps would be in evaluating the market?
  3. What 3rd party pay obstacles might you anticipate in providing this array of services?
  4. Assuming the answer to the above implies some 3rd party pay limitations vis-a-vis more “mainstream” health care services in the market, how might this impact your strategic marketing plan?
  5. How well, in your informed opinion, is this set of services positioned relative to the future manifestations of health care reform (the Affordable Care Act, and whatever modifications to it may be forthcoming) ?

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