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Identify two serious bodybuilders and two serious anaerobic athletes

1. Identify an individual currently on an intermittent fasting diet, another who is on a gluten-free diet, and someone else on the Paleo diet. Critically analyze their dieting experience(s) and compare/contrast them with your own. Evaluate each in light of the most recently known science and practical experience. Would you recommend any of these diets or any other structured diet to a future client? If so, list the diet and describe how would you determine its appropriateness for a client. If you would not recommend any of these or other structured diets, detail why.
2. Critically evaluate any three popular fat loss programs or diet programs (e.g. Jenny Craig, etc) that are currently in the marketplace today. How do they stack up against each other relative to their nutritional profile, ability to support intense training, and ability to provide lasting results? How does evaluation of diet programs help you in your future training endeavors? What will you be looking for and why?
3. Identify two popular multivitamin formulas and list the ingredients of each. Compare the ingredients with one another. If they are different, why do you think there is a variance between the two? Are they marketed towards different audiences? And if so, how? Why do you think the manufacturer combined certain vitamins, minerals, and herbs?
4. Meet with an athlete that has experienced dehydration amidst an athletic competition (e.g. marathon running, all-day soccer tournament, etc.) Describe the experience. Was it a sudden onset? Was it over a period of time? What symptoms occurred? What could have been done in advance to avoid dehydration? Why is consistent hydration important for both function and performance? How will you incorporate proper hydration into future training endeavors?
5. Pick five supplements currently on the market. Find research based on the supplements and the ingredients. What were the results? Were the studies funded by the supplement company? Is this a supplement backed by credible science? If not, why do you think that so many people are currently using it?
6. Identify two serious bodybuilders and two serious anaerobic athletes. (You can find the athletes through an online search, in your gym, from a magazine, etc.) Describe each athlete’s training program. Based on what you have learned in the course, identify reasons for the program’s success or failure at maximizing muscle mass and minimizing fat stores.
7. Meet with at least three individuals that are new to training and nutrition. For each client, identify and describe three limiting factors (refer to Unit 20). Identify and describe a specific action plan to eliminate these factors from each client’s current nutrition plan.
8. Describe the following for each major macronutrient category (protein, carbohydrates, fats):
role in energy production
role in performance
recommended types (for the generally healthy public)
types that are not recommended
foods that you would recommend within the macronutrient category and why
How does knowledge of macronutrients help you in your future training endeavors?

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