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Identify three (3)nursing priorites for this person

This written assessment asks students to use the clinical reasoning process and refer to evidence based practice to formulate a nursing plan of care for a specific patient experience case analysis selected from the two posted on Canvas (see: “Case Studies for Written Case Analysis Report”). After reflecting upon, analysing and researching the information provided in the case study, students will address each of the following tasks:

  1. Critically analyse the patient assessment findings, taking into consideration the person’s situation and medical diagnosis. Discuss the data/information collected and priortise that information in terms of relevance to their nursing care using DRABC.  (10 marks)
  2. Identify three (3)nursing priorites for this person;One of which must address the person’s psycho-social needs.The nursing priorities must be discussed in order of priority (e.g: what nursing diagnosis should be addressed first and why).You must also establish one person centred goal for each nursing priority (supported by evidence).  (5 marks).
  3. For each nursing priority, discuss the specific nursing interventions(what you would do and why) that would be appropriate. Each intervention must include detailed rationale (why you did what you did) and specific evaluation criteria (how will you know if the intervention was successful). Your nursing interventions must be person or family centred and must be specific to this client (e.g., tailor the intervention to meet the needs of this specific patient based on evidence and professional recommendations). All interventions must be referenced from professional literature.  (20 marks). 
  4. The quality of your academic writing will be assessed throughout each of these three sections and will contribute to your overall mark for that section. Please see 6h for specific guidelines for formatting an academic paper. Additional marks will be awarded for using correct APA format and referencing throughout your paper (5 marks).

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