identify the work of art by title (italicized) and the artist's first and last name. | Cheap Nursing Papers

identify the work of art by title (italicized) and the artist’s first and last name.

For this assignment, you need to spend at least fifteen minutes intently viewing one of the following artworks: Locate the images online. You can use Google Images to view these works.

1) The Oath of the Horatii by Jacques-Louis David;

2)Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon by Pablo Picasso

3)Composition in Grey and Ochre by Piet Mondrian.

The focus of a personal response paper is to write about your own ideas and feelings.

In this case, your response is to a work of art. This is a four paragraph assignment.

In the first paragraph, identify the work of art by title (italicized) and the artist’s first and last name. Identify the style of the image as realistic, abstract, or non-objective. These styles are defined in this week’s course content. Paragraph one must also contain a brief description of the work.

In the second paragraph, describe the ideas that come to mind as you view the image. Consider questions like: What is happening in the work? What do the images represent?

In the third paragraph, describe your feelings in response to the work. Is the color palette soothing or invigorating? What emotions do the subjects themselves seem to be feeling? Do you relate to the emotions expressed?

In the fourth paragraph, provide a summary of your viewing experience in and give any final thoughts.

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