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Identify the food and the macromolecule group(s

We have heard You are what you eat since we were little children. Lets explore what this means in a biological sense.Consider the macromolecules that were addressed in Week 1-2 and how they form the foundations of living organisms. How do the nutrients we take in relate to the macromolecules that make us?Select one food and follow its breakdown in your body and also address how these materials will be used in your body. Be sure to also comment on the nutritive value of the food you selected.Discussion Assignment(1) Identify the food and the macromolecule group(s) it belongs to.(2) Discuss its nutritive value. Is this a nutritious food? Explain.(3) How will it be broken down in the digestive system? Which digestive enzymes will act on it?(4) What are the final breakdown products and what is the ultimate destination for them? For example, will they be shuttled into cells or will they be stored in adipose tissue or in the liver or used to build amino acids and proteins or excreted or otherwise?(5) Discuss any interesting information that you learned about this food and how its used in living systems(6) Cite all sources in APA format

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