Identify four (4) methods of managing time effectively. (min 50 words) Q3. | Cheap Nursing Papers

Identify four (4) methods of managing time effectively. (min 50 words) Q3.

Q2.   Identify four (4) methods of managing time effectively. (min 50 words)

Q3.   Identify three (3) types of technology that could be used in the healthcare environment to assist you with scheduling tasks and planning work.

Explain how these technologies could help you (min 50 words).


Q4.   Identify three different types of feedback and how you can ask for this feedback. You need to discuss at least three (3) things you need to consider when receiving feedback? (min 50 words)


Q5.   During your shift, you are assisting a client in the shower when you hear the emergency buzzer. Discuss what actions you would take and provide a rationale. (min 100 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Q6.   You work in an aged care facility and your colleague calls in sick for work one morning. Another colleague can come into work to cover her but is not able to start until 1000.

Discuss three ways in which you could achieve work objectives, considering you have one less staff member for the morning. (min 100 words).


Q7.   Identify at least three (3) professional development options and explain how each would enhance your skills, knowledge or experience. (min 100 words).


Q8.   Identify 1 mandatory standards that you will need to evidence to maintain your AHPRA registration and provide an assessment of your knowledge and skills with 2 examples of how you will meet this standard. (min 100 words).


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