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I want you to do these work

My course is Civil Engineering Project Management

I have assignment include 4 questions

I have the answer of 3 of them and I want you just paraphrese the answer.

I don’t have answer for Q1, so I upload the question in powerpoint and the pict of what we need for this Question.

Also I want you to do a discussion, I upload the question in powerpoint for the discussion and put the pic that you need in this discussion.

Also I upload the Lecture chapter from my course.

So first thing I want you to paraphrase the 3 answers that I have it, I want you to answer the Q1 that I don’t have the answer, and I want you to do a discussion for me

the file module 1 Q1 that has the question that I want you to answer it

This is the question for discussion

Read the Incident for Discussion “ Broken Welds” on page 28 in your text .What information does Alison need to determine the probable impact of Kesley’s proposed project on the other projects in the department? How does her findings affect her decision about Kelsey’s project

I upload everything in the files

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