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I want a research paper about traffic engineering

-Select a real-world traffic or transportation problem you as a team see a need to solve (traffic

congestion in N Harbor Drive and W. Hawthorn St. intersection in San Diego, California)

-Specific Intersection Improvement

-Pedestrian and Bike facility

-Traffic Calming in a specific neighborhood (San Diego Airport Area)

-Not less than 10 pages not including graphs, tables, and figures

-graphs, maps, tables are ok to include

Need Statement

San Diego National Airport is important airport that carry about 50,000 passengers daily. Picking up and dropping off these passengers create a great congestion in the streets around the airport especially: N Harbor Drive and W. Hawthorn St. intersection. In addition, there are other factors contributing to the traffic such as daily activities for people working and living near that area. We would like to see what your team can propose to ease the traffic, improve safety, and promote efficiency of transportation considering all different modes. Please contact us to get evaluation on your proposed solutions.

Things that should be included in the paper:

  • Detailed Maps of the area
  • Volumes
  • Existed moods of transportations
  • All Reasons leading to congestion
  • Cost analysis
  • Land use data
  • perform LOS calculations for Auto, Bicyclist and Pedestrian modes
  • list off alternative, and at the end choosing the best solution

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