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i need help to write an Essay

The purpose of this assignment is to explore your future career goals and identify how health education and/or an understanding of health behaviors might impact your work. This two-part assignment includes an individual essay and participation in a group presentation.

Part 1 – Essay

  • Provide a brief description of your major and career field of interest, including the required educational path and duties and responsibilities of the job or profession or field? (10 pts) Be as specific as you are able based on where you are in your decision. For example, if you know that you want to become a labor and delivery nurse, indicate the responsibilities for that job. If you know you want to become a nurse, but unsure of the specialty, indicate the responsibilities of the profession. If you know that you want to pursue a career in healthcare, but unsure of the role, indicate the responsibilities of the field.
  • Of the job sectors listed below, in which could you see yourself working? Why? (10 pts) Be sure to review Chapter 16 in the text)
  • Government or public agency
  • Nonprofit and community-based organization (domestic and global) or school
  • Private sector consulting organization
  • Private industry
  • Healthcare provider
  • Academic setting
  • Reflecting back on your Class Introduction and the semester…
  • How could an ecological approach strengthen your work in your future career?
  • Did the course meet the expectations you shared at the beginning of the semester? Explain how it did or did not.

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