HPR415 Marymount The ECG Lead Arrangements | Cheap Nursing Papers

HPR415 Marymount The ECG Lead Arrangements

As usual, prepare a written response to the following:

Recording of the electrical events of depolarization in the heart is accomplished by an EKG. How does the arrangement of the electrodes when placed on an individual create 12 different views/leads of the heart by the EKG? How are heart rate, rhythm, and axis determined to be within normal limits? What are the normal limits/ranges for each wave/interval on an EKG tracing?

Using the tracing provided with this assignment in Canvas, analyze the 12-lead EKG and determine if heart rate, axis, and the limits/ranges for each wave/interval are normal or abnormal. You are encouraged to combine your analysis here with the above section.

You may and are encouraged to use images, figures, or tables in your written response, but avoid having them be the sole explanation of content in your work (e.g., use images, figures, tables in support of your writing).

Bonus: How normally will the EKG tracing change during exercise, such as during a clinical exercise test?

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