How will your training module “win out” over the other candidates for this project? | Cheap Nursing Papers

How will your training module “win out” over the other candidates for this project?

Part Two: The Final Presentation

After completing your paper, it will be time to “sell your idea” to the company. You will create a presentation with the goal of having your training module chosen for use by the company to train its management teams. For this presentation, you will produce a screencast presentation, much like what you created in Week Three. You will only be allotted five minutes for your presentation, so you will need to showcase your ideas effectively. Learning how to market yourself and sell your ideas will be extremely advantageous to you in your current and/or future career, so you should think outside of the box and be as creative as possible in the presentation portion of this final assignment. Additionally, this final assignment will help you build technical skills that will potentially aid you in your current and/or future career.

Consider the following questions as you create your powerpoint presentation:

How will your training module “win out” over the other candidates for this project?
What makes your training module great?
In what ways are you able to meet all of your learners’ special needs?
Is your training engaging? Why?
How does your training consider the diversity of the learners?
How does your training consider items such as the time it takes to go through each module and/or how it will impact employee work productivity?
In real life, this pitch could mean a big promotion or bonus. How will you get this promotion?
Presentation required elements:

Must be 6-8 slides
Discussion of a minimum of five areas of learning content you have studied in this course, which you included in your paper and applied to the development of activities you created for your training.
Discussion of the needs of your learners that were considered.
An outline of the strategies you have suggested in your paper and why you think these will be successful when working with the assigned manager group.
A brief analysis of why it is important to apply learning theory to training/educating in organizational settings.
The reason why you believe that your training would be the best option for the company to choose.
A reference slide (This slide does not require audio.)
Five minutes in length maximum.
Discuss your ideas and content as you would if you were standing in front of a group. Try to not simply read your slides.
Utilization of four scholarly sources. (These may be the same as in your paper.)
All sources used within the presentation must be cited properly.

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