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How To Article

Write a 400-500 word How To article on your topic. Your how-to article should describe and explain how to do an activity in management and administration in the 21st century. PLEASE CHOOSE ONE OF THE TOPICS BELOW

Write your paper.

  • Develop an interesting headline topic for your article
  • Use subtitles to distinguish steps for completing the activity
  • Remember, this is not the same writing style as an essay
  • Put your best effort into this assignment
  • Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes

Topic Choices. Choose only one.

If your collaborate research paper overlaps with any of the topics below, you need to choose another topic. Do not submit a How-To article that has a similar topic to your Research Paper.

  • How to write a job description
  • How to manage a career
  • How to conduct an employee performance appraisal
  • How to demonstrate leadership in a managerial role
  • How to write a program rationale to gain support for a proposed program
  • How to facilitate discussions with partners and stakeholders
  • How to be a team player in the work environment
  • How to demonstrate leadership in the 21st century
  • How to gain acceptance and support for health education/promotion programs
  • How to adhere to ethical principles of the profession
  • How to build trust between program facilitators and program participants
  • How to write a grant proposal for program funding
  • How to communicate like a professional

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