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How should care be provided for your cultural group?

Research and select a culture of interest to you.
Following approval by your faculty, write a5-page scholarly paper on the approved culture.
The paper must be typed in APA format and submitted via Turnitin by the due date. Seek assistance in the Coppin University Academic Resource Center for help with grammar, sentence structure, or American Psychological Association (APA) style formatting.

Submit a 5-page scholarly paper (not included reference or cover page) written in APA style, with the use of references when appropriate. (10 points).

Content should consist of the following topics: (45 points)
Family and community structure and hierarchies.
Attitudes and beliefs about pregnancy and childrearing.
Attitudes and beliefs about death and dying
Attitudes and beliefs about health/wellness & illness (prevention, management, and hospitalization)
Attitudes and beliefs about mental illness.
Dietary & nutrition practices
Care of the elderly.
Social practices.
What are typical patterns of communication? Include both verbal and nonverbal communications.

Using the Nursing Process, discuss the care you will provide in regards to collecting data, diagnosing the problem, and planning for care. Be culturally appropriate (45 points).
Individualize your assessment, diagnosis, and plan for each of the following situations:
An extended family living arrangement for the 81 year-old grandmother who just suffered a Cerebral Vascular Accident (stroke) with severe hemiparesis.
A new immigrant couple whose first child born at 28 weeks gestation.
A nuclear family with teenage children. The father recently diagnosed with diabetes.
How should questions for you assessment be directed for your cultural group?
Identify three culturally sensitive nursing diagnoses from your client’s cultural perspective.
How should you plan to provide care for your cultural group?

How should care be provided for your cultural group?

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